Studio Move-A-Thon

SATURDAY, JULY 27TH, 10:00am-5:00pm

Join us for an amazing day of FREE classes for ages 3-18 years old! We're hosting a FREE Studio Move-A-Thon to introduce you our Studio Classes. All classes are open to the public and free to attend. Has your child been interested in creativity, dance, or fitness classes? Then this is the perfect day to come explore all we have to offer. Each class will last 30min, sign up for one or multiple using the form below. Due to the nature of the event we will have to close classes when full, available classes will be updated and listed on the form below.

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Move. Inspire. Create. Share.

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10:00-10:30am | 3 Year Old Ballet/Jazz Combo with Hannah Ashford

10:30-11:00am | Level 1 (ages 4-5) Ballet/Jazz Combo with Hannah Ashford

11:00-11:30am | Level 1&2 (ages 4-8) Creativity/Storytelling with Hannah Ashford

11:30am-12:00pm | Level 1&2 (ages 4-8) Hip-Hop with Hannah Ashford

12:00-12:30pm | Level 1&2 (ages 4-8) Jazz/Tap with Hannah Ashford

12:30-1:00pm | Level 1&2 (ages 4-8) Ballet with Sami Ready

1:00-1:30pm | Level 2&3 (ages 8-12) Creativity/Storytelling with Paige Fischer

1:30-2:00pm | Level 2&3 (ages 8-12) Kindness Cardio & Yoga with Megan Stephenson

2:00-2:30pm | Level 3&4 (9 & up) Ballet with Sami Ready

2:30-3:00pm | Level 3&4 (9 & up) Wellness with Megan Stephenson

3:00-3:30pm | Level 3&4 (9 & up) Tap/Musical Theatre with Paige Fischer

3:30-4:00pm | Level 3&4 (9 & up) Hip-Hop with Paige Fischer

4:00-4:30pm | Level 3&4 (9 & up) Jazz/Modern/Contemporary with Paige Fischer

4:30-5:00pm | Level 4 (13-18) Improv/Dance Making with Paige Fischer


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Each class is 30min long and FREE to attend. We will close classes once full and update the available classes below.