All SYS families are responsible to know and keep up to date with all recital information. Recital updates can be found via our studio email, our Sweet Yield Studio facebook group, and this web page. Have questions? Contact us at info@sweetyieldstudio.com.

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Recital Week Timeline

It is very important that your SYS dancer is present at all scheduled rehearsals. Our show can only run smoothly if we are well rehearsed.
Helping your dance prepare well is essential to their overall recital experience. Thank you!

Monday May 13th (At Sweet Yield Studio)
4:00-7:00pm | Level 4 Rehearsal (Monday Classes)
7:00-8:00pm | Performance Company Rehearsal, Davyn’s Solo, Presley’s Solo

Tuesday May 14th (At Sweet Yield Studio)
10:30-11:30am | Littles & Mamas Dress Rehearsal
4:00-5:00pm | Level 1 Rehearsal (Tuesday) & 3 Year Olds (Thursday 11am & 4pm Classes)
5:00-6:30pm | Opening Number Rehearsal
6:30-7:30pm | Level 2 Rehearsal, Level 1&2 Hip-Hop (Tuesday & Thursday Classes)
7:30-8:30pm | Level 3 Rehearsal, Jayden Solo

Wednesday May 15th (At Sweet Yield Studio)
4:30-6:00pm | Level 1,2,3 & 4 Ballet Rehearsal (Miss Sami’s Wednesday Classes)
6:00-7:30pm | Open Studio - come and go rehearsal fro those who have missed and need an extra rehearsal

Thursday May 16th (At The Auditorium at The Douglass)
5:00 - 7:00pm | Level 1-4 Show Run Thru *No 3 Year Old Classes or Littles & Mamas.

Friday May 17th (at The Auditorium at The Douglass)
4:30pm | All SYS Dancers Arrive in Dressing Rooms
4:45pm | All SYS Dancers on stage in recital tee and black dance shorts or jean shorts for Studio Picture.
5:00-7:00pm | Dress Rehearsal - Parents may take photos and videos this night but not Saturday night. We will have a professional videographer on show night.

Saturday May 18th (at The Auditorium at The Douglass)
2:45-5:45pm | Chelsea Ann makeup times in Dressing Room
5:45-6:15pm | Pick up bouquet orders at The Wild Mother table in lobby.
5:45pm | Auditorium Doors Open to Families and Public.
6:00pm | Dancers arrive in Dressing Rooms. Begin stretching and change into first costume.
6:30pm | Show Begins