Community Class Descriptions



An invigorating workout that cleanses the body and mind by combining elements of aerobics and yoga. You can expect simple movements that challenge the body while building strong lean muscle. The class is broken up into three parts: a warm up flow, a series of high intensity cardio intervals, and finishes with a restorative flow.


A fitness-style aerobics and dance cardio class packed with feel-good beats and fun movement. Expect to sweat and shake, move and groove, jump and bump (ya, we said it) while getting your sweat on to your favorite tunes. No dance experience required, all MOODS welcome. Let’s move!


A fitness-style dance class. We begin with a sweaty fitness sequence set to some of our favorite throwbacks and current favorites then finish class strong with a short and fun hip hop combo!


A gentle fitness-style class to awaken and unwind the body and mind midweek. Expect to nurture the body through a variation of yoga, movement exercises, and meditation. You’ll leave centered, encouraged, and restored for the day ahead.


A gentle movement class centered on curiosity, mindfulness, and personal practice. Expect to be lead through a series of familiar movement sequences and thoughtful prompts that lead us inward. We practice true well-being by wandering through our personal rituals and rhythms via guided movement. Bring a journal, pen, and open heart.


A fitness class focused on high-energy movement and self-celebration! Miss Sami’s “magic” is often described as bright, happy, and all loving. Expect a continuously moving class that uses variations of barre and pilates exercises with a special touch of “I can do this!” happy energy.


A run/walk group designed to work with you at your own pace and rhythm. This variation invites you to be present and intentional by nurturing your mindset and encouraging an overall sense of well-being through connection and community.


A contemporary dance class open to community - all ages and experience welcome.


An entry level tap dance class open to community - beginners welcome! In this class, we cover the basic fundamentals and “building blocks” of tap dance. Expect to be lead through a series of beginner level tap exercises utilizing plenty of repetition and practice, then put the steps we learned together in a short sequence.


A musical theatre dance class open to community - all ages and experience welcome. We begin class with an energetic warm up followed by a review of some basic jazz, ballet, and theatre dance fundamentals, then learn a fun combo to a song from some of our favorite musicals!