The classes below are for our 9-12 year old students. Age placement is determined by how old your student is by September 1st, 2019 and/or years of experience. All classes only meet one time a week. Choose which day works for your schedule and then choose what classes your student would like to take. Have questions? Contact us here or send an email to info@sweetyieldstudio.com.

Classes begin September 3, 2019.


4:45-5:15pm | Wellness with Sweet Yield Staff
5:15-6:00pm | Tap + Musical Theatre with Paige Fischer

4:45-5:30pm | The Garden Post with Sweet Yield Studio Staff (Creativity Studio)
5:30-6:15pm | The Little Garden Club & The Little Book Club with Sweet Yield Studio Staff (Creativity Studio)


4:45-5:30pm | Ballet 3 with Sami Ready
7:00-8:00pm | Performance Company (Audition Only)


4:00-4:45pm | Kindness Cardio & Yoga with Megan Stephenson
5:30-6:00pm | Creativity + Storytelling with Paige Fischer
6:00-6:45pm | Jazz/Modern with Paige Fischer
6:45-7:30pm | Hip-Hop with Paige Fischer


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Your monthly tuition is calculated by the number of hours your student is in class. After you have chosen your classes, add up the total time and find your monthly fee amount below. We offer a 10% discount for families with two or more students.

30 minutes - $45/month
45 minutes - $55/month
1 hour - $75/month
1.25 hours - $85/month
1.5 hours - $95/month
1.75 hours - $105/month
2 hours - $115/month
2.25 hours - $125/month
2.5 hours - $135/month
2.75 hours - $145/month
3 hours - $155/month
3.25 hours - $165/month
3.5 hours - $175/month
3.75 hours - $185/month
4 hours - $195/month
4.25 hours - $205/month
4.5 hours - $210/month
4.75 hours - $215/month
5 hours - $220/month
5.25 hours - $225/month
Unlimited - $230/month