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A creativity and movement studio in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


We offer dance and creativity classes to ages 2 years old - adults. Our classes are structured by age levels and placement is determined by age and/or years of dance experience. To explore what we offer, please choose the appropriate age level and or download our full schedule below. Have questions? We would love to assist you in finding the perfect class for you or your dancer. Contact us here or send us a message at

We are an Epic Charter Schools Vendor. Email us at to find out how to use your Learning Fund for tuition.



Click the images below to discover classes by age level.



creativity + Storytelling

A class that honors our heart and mission. We explore creativity + storytelling through improv, creative dance exercises and artful projects that teach the connections of art and dance.


littles & Mamas

This class is for Littles ages 2 - 3 Years Old and their Mamas. We will explore exercises that encourage imagination through creative movement as well as introduce our tiniest movers to rhythm and music.

sweet Yield wellness

A class that teaches wellness practices for the individual and dancer. Dancers will rotate through a series of wellness exercises such as barre, pilates, and nutritional wellness during the semester. This is a required class for our performance teams.


A class for our Mamas to explore dance and have a time set a part each week for themselves. A SYS staff member will attend to the Mamas little one during this class. It is a beginner level and our focus is restoration for the Mamas mind and body.

Community class

Our adult community classes are a drop in style class throughout the week and open to the public. There is no monthly tuition for this class. No need to pre register. Choose between Contemporary, Mindful Movement and Sweat + Move


A style of dance that uses precision and highly formalized steps and methods. This style of dance teaches the fundamentals of all other styles and is a required class for our performance teams.


A style of dance that combines elements of modern, lyrical, and jazz styles in a fluid and expressive movement quality. This style of dance welcomes a connection of mind and body through storytelling.

musical theatre

A style of dance that is theatrical in nature. This style of dance combines song, acting and dance while commonly utilizing elements of other genres such as ballet, jazz and tap.


A style of dance that uses rhythmic variations to tap out audible sounds using the toe and heel while wearing tap shoes. Musicality and rhythm is especially emphasized in this style of dance.


A style of dance that builds on the fundamental techniques of ballet using dynamic movement quality. Jazz is a high energy, expressive style that utilizes leaps, turns and athleticism to heighten performance execution.